Persistence is key

After our weekly review and presentation of the Environmental Journalism project available on, there was both very good and bad feedback. Overall, the info graphics were extremely fun to see on the page, and our Earth Day video was executed rather well. The photographs of Mizzou Market Day needed some improvement, as long as another interview to compliment Layli Terrill’s, the waste minimization manager of Columbia, Mo. 

After trying to reach out to Mid-Mo Recycling several times for an interview, I was feeling a bit anxious on what to do next. After my final presentation of MACK, our limited mobility men’s sportswear line of 2016, I headed straight to the Mizzou market! After approaching the Environmental Sustainability tent and asking a few questions, I asked for a quick interview from sophomore Mackenize Mock. She was super willing and we got it done in a matter of two minutes! Mobile Journalism is such an important new factor to the field in general. Never stop trying, no matter how impossible a task may seem. 

Be your own boss

After a few weeks of working on the final Environmental Journalism project the group decided to tackle, the website was finally up. After being a group leader all life long, it’s such a pleasure to work with people that al pull their own weight. The pictures of Columbia, Mo. farming market with fresh meat and produce were executed perfectly, the soundslide of the recycling plant and Layli Terrill’s explanation was so educational, and the video of Earth Day acted as the last component to bring our concept all together. Shortly after pressing play though, I was very upset and slightly shocked at it’s poor quality. 

Videos are such an important piece of any puzzle, and if you don’t wish to watch the whole thing after the first few seconds, then you’ve failed in the production! The b-roll was shaky, the city volunteer leaders voice was so dull, and the jump cuts…. Oh the jump cuts galore! I couldn’t handle it any longer, so I reached out to the producer and told her I knew we could do better. The next day, we both worked on it until it resembled the way it should have in the first place! Katie was not only happy I pushed her, but learned how to use cross dissolves and stabilize film that needed to be as well. Now, I can finally rest happy. This taught me that speaking up really does pay off, and to take matters into your own hands if you wish for them to be executed correctly. 

Environmental Journalism

Over the course of this semester, there have been several assignments due that lead up to this big project. When it comes down to deciding what is “news worthy” in Columbia, Mo. there is definitely thinking that needs to be done. After obsessively pondering what our subject should be, I thought what would be better than going green!? If citizens work collectively, even in such a small town resting in the middle of the United States, changes for the better can be made.

With Earth Day right around the corner we figured there would be not only perfect footage for our topic, but also a very educational day for us as well. Due to weather complications last Sunday, the celebration was pushed to tomorrow, at Peace Park in Columbia, Mo. In addition to covering this fun loving day, I was able to get in contact with Layli Terrill, the woman behind all of the waste minimization efforts in our town. Layli specifically focuses on the recycling side of the spectrum. She gave us a personal tour of the Recycling Plant in Columbia, and explained how facilities like these have a main goal to just break even. Although, when you ask people about their recycling ways they’ll continue to assure themselves that they do, not much of their efforts reach the right garbage can, or any at all. My challenge to you is to really think about the next time you have to throw something away. Could you perhaps reuse it? If not, does it belong in the trash or could you hold on to that piece of trash until you run into a recycling bin?

We’re currently seeing the aftermath of global warming more predominately than ever. This Earth needs you just as much as you need her too.

2015 Hero Awards

The 14th annual Hero Awards ceremony was hosted today by the Columbia Daily Tribune at Stoney Creek Inn conventional center in Columbia, Mo. The Hero Awards highlights the members of our community that try so hard to better lives of others through their charitable actions. It was moving and inspiring to see how many hours and work the volunteers of Columbia, Mo dedicated for the sake of bettering mankind and/or the Earth we live in. Nick Foster, who is responsible for these members being honored each year, explains how they are elected and who makes the final choice. Although the seven judges have to chose just one person for that category of charitable actions, each of the nominees stories are told because, “Every one of them is truly a winner.” The most amazing thing to see was the difference of ages in the room varying from a woman who worked at local hospitals for the past 58 years, to a junior in high school that started the Youth Council during her 8th grade year. Volunteer work requires no face too young or old in order to make a difference.

A Conversation with Common

One of the many assets that go along with being a Tiger at the University of Missouri includes the various guest speakers that roll through Columbia. For instance, this past week the notorious hip-hop artist, actor, and political figure as well, Common, came to give an inspiring speech about his life path and all of the bumps along the way. I decided to see if I could take things a little bit further than this, and emailed him to see if he would be interested in a brief interview before hand. To my surprise, he responded quickly about his availability so something could be arranged.

I waited for a half hour before I really started to get nervous he would flake on me, but just when I was about to walk away came in the tall dark man with a huge smile on his face. We joked about how we were both Pisces from Chicago and then got down to business. My favorite response would have to be when I questioned the icon saying, “If I had one question to ask you, what would be your answer?” and he so slyly replied, “Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself now what makes you think anyone else will believe in you later.” He opened his lecture with a freestyle rap about his coming to the University of Missouri and closed with the same  enthusiasm that he started with. The most impressive thing was the amount of modesty shown and sense of character exuded from the time I got to shake his hand hello until he was done answering at least 25 plus questions.

Monday motivation: 

I believe every body needs a pick me up on Monday to be honest. After either a glorious weekend filled with friends and family or just some well needed R&R, Monday’s are never easy to wake up to. Here are some things to consider while feeling sorry for yourself and moping through your day; even Rolling Stones messes up on a report once in awhile, a Kenyan university was just bombed by Al-Shabeeb killing a total of 148 innocent civilians, and I met a pregnant homeless woman smoking a cigarette to “curve her appetite” on the corner today. Just when you’re exhausted, keep on going. When you feel like giving up, push a little harder. This world needs help and never forget that a little goes a long way! So pay it forward today and enjoy this Monday and every other that comes. 

The Daily Dose, 

From yours truly. 

During spring break of 2015 I spent a lot of time contemplating how I would go about fixing my TV style video. I realized that not only did the piece have to be more transitional, but more informative too. I decided the only person that could help me out was the man behind St. Francis since 1983, Steve Jacobs himself.

With strict regulations on shelters for the homeless camera usage and filing are rarely St. allowed, but Steve let this one slide. He told me of how all denominations and religious practices assist St. Francis with food and company although it’s under the Christian churches practice. After the 20 minute long interview filled with talk of alternatives for the homeless, mental illnesses such as autism and schizophrenia, and stories too, I got a personal tour of the entire house. They also have a women’s facility down the street but it’s a bit more rugid and small. Overall, I’m pleased with my work and thinking of new ideas for our mobile assignment which uses the Stellar app for live reporting! Stay tuned.

And that’s the daily dose of the day.




Al-Shabaab Leader Killed in Drone Strike

The thing about Religion that upsets me most is how much turmoil that follows it. People of all different cultures should be able to practice the concept of belief just how any other culture does. Acceptance needs to be reached. Innocent people need to stop experiencing this. We may live in different continents, but we all share the same world.